Sad Frog

Abortions are cool.

Am I the only one who wants the Gerber Life bitch to choke on a diaper and die everytime you hear her say "baby". It's always late night too. The parents up at 3:05 AM with their baby are a prozac away from holding the child down till the bubbles stop.

I'm going to Hell.
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    The 2nd Gerber Life commercial in one commercial break.
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All You Need Is Love


So why is there a Dean/Rose ship? Why? If I had to accept any sort of crossover with Supernatural and Doctor Who (cough/gag/sputter) wouldn't it make more sense to have Rose/Sam? She likes her men nerdy. Rose would kill Dean. VIOLENTLY. Or sacrifice him to save the world.

I... just... This upsets me. Crossovers have their time and place - in a good piece of crack for instance.
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Yeats is turning


So, I created a playlist outside of iTunes and when I uploaded it to iTunes 4 of the 23 songs are just gone.

It happens all the time.

What the hell?

On a completely related to me note, I got Havemercy today in the mail. Much squeeing and cuddling a book ensued. Metal dragons and gay magicians. :D
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    Smokey Robinson - I Second That Emotion
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