You are SO Taurus

Fuck you, I like my vagina the way it is.

I hate feminism.

ETA: I'm writing an essay on the embodiment of antifeminism the Wife of Bath is (thus I'm pissed at everything collegic because it all winds down to feminism). And I wrote this and I'm turning it in, bitches:

"The reason people still pay so much attention to the status of feminism in the Canterbury Tales is because women aren’t allowed the right to be a sexual being. A woman like the Wife of Bath, who has married five times, must be promiscuous and only looking out for herself. What one needs to understand is that a woman sexually active and who looks after herself isn’t a bad thing and, if anything, is equality at work. Not to suggest that sex should mean nothing or even is a factor of equality, but it’s empowerment for a woman to be in the role the Wife of Bath is in."
Sad Frog

The Universe should have an off switch.

So, I just looked at my clock and it was 3:45, looked up a few minutes later... 2:48.

Oh, real fucking funny universe. Now I don't really get that extra hour.

Just, cock it. Set back your clocks, yo.

Edit: I didn't just smile at the irony that "I'll Be OK" (a Sondre song) was playing when I just said even listening to him can't make me happy. Because then I couldn't really be pissed, and thus that's not what I just did.
You are SO Taurus

Public Service Announcement: Bears

Number one reason to love Supernatural other then the obvious gay relationship between brothers to leave you a bit damp in a region:

There are no stupid Iris videos nor is Iris on any fanmixes.

On other news, foot's still fucked, going to doctor again on Monday. Rocky is for the kids. And no matter how you say it, "I was listening to some Jew" always comes out not like you mean it.